Your easy tour around Thessaloniki.

Thessaloniki sightseeing offers a complete tour of the city with its fabulous open deck bus within a tour of 8 hop on –hop off points of interest.

A city of beauty with so many breathtaking sights and locations to visit while modern achievements are mixing and interchanging with tradition and the living history of Thessaloniki, offering to all esteem guests the chance to enjoy a combination of entertainment, interesting information, quality of services, beautiful weather, along the Greek traditional hospitality and friendship.

A commentary in 11 languages is available for free.

The basic scope of our company is to constantly provide a supreme quality city tour around Thessaloniki’s local attractions and historical values with top class open deck busses allowing guests to relax and enjoy their visit.

To create a high awareness within the tourism industry and beyond that, as a concept offering accuracy and unique benefits such as exceptional city tour with extraordinary points of visit and an unforgettable experience leading our guests to positive recommendation within their family and friends.

City Tour

Hop on to our open buses to visit the numerous monuments of Thessaloniki.

Acoustic commentary in 11 different languages

Learn the history of Thessaloniki, with lots of sights and interesting places.

Ηop on – Ηop off

Hop off at any of the 8 stops you want, to admire the city's main sights.

Daily Schedules

Tour of Thessaloniki every 40 minutes with a 70 minute tour.

We suggest you

Discover Thessaloniki through a unique tour experience!

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