What's special about this tour?

It offers a concise but complete presentation of Thessaloniki while saving time and money.

What does this tour include?

With our stops in numerous monuments, museums and churches, we provide a comprehensive picture of Thessaloniki from the distant past until today and its future.

How long is the journey?

The journey takes 70 minutes.

Is the seat reservation mandatory?

No, it’s not mandatory.

How do I buy my ticket?

The ticket can be purchased from the starting point as well as on the bus.

How do I pay my ticket?

Through a bank, at the starting point and on the bus.

What’s the time of departure for the first bus and what’s the departure time for the last bus?

There are two time tables. One starts at 9:10 and stops at 16:00 (November-March.) and another at 9:10 to 21:00 (Mar.-Oct.)

Where does the tour begin and where does it end?

Starts and finishes at the White Tower.

It is necessary to get the bus from the start?

No, you can take the bus from any station you like.

What is the route’s frequency?

The frequency is every 40 minutes.

Can I go in and out whenever I want?

Yes you can. This is the meaning of the hop on – hop off.

How can I choose the stops to get off?

The stops are written on the brochure and at our web site and it depends on every customer’s preferences.

Children are allowed or is there an age limit?

Children are allowed if escorted by adults.

Children are allowed to travel alone?

Only if escorted by adults.

Is there an option to rent the entire bus?

Yes, after agreement for the time and only on the fixed route.

Is there any discount policy depending on the quantity of tickets? (Group buy)

There are discounts to tourist companies, agencies and schools.

Discover Thessaloniki through a unique tour experience!

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