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Thessaloniki’s symbol, the White Tower is a 15th century fortification which was part of the city defenses. The White Tower is the point...
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The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki opened its doors to the public in 1962 by hosting findings from the area of Thessaloniki...
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Τhe Agia Sofia or Agia Sophia for several years was the metropolis of Thessaloniki. Hagia Sophia is a great Basilica (domed) built over...
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The church of Agios Dimitrios is dedicated to the patron Saint of the city and holds a prominent position among all the churches in this city.
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One of the most characteristic monuments of Thessaloniki is the Arch of Galerius, located on the upper side of the Via Egnatia...
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The city walls of Thessaloniki were the fortifications of the Byzantine city and are of great interest and importance for their archaeological...
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The Aristotelous square is the connection link between the architectural history of Thessaloniki and its modern style.
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The history of Thessaloniki begins in 316 BC the founding of when king Cassandros founded the city under the name of his wife...

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